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We are an explainer video production Atlanta service provider. Our company creates explainer videos for corporate, brand, and product videos. We specialize in animated explainer videos that make you stand out from the crowded market.

Explainer Video Production AtlantaWe create explainer videos that connect your target audience and communicate your brand’s message. Animation is capable of many things that people alone frequently cannot.

To ensure that the user can comprehend and remember the message, it is feasible to take high-level concepts and designs and apply a type of artwork.

Animation can convey ideas that are generally difficult for actors to convey. Also, to make even simple concepts more interesting and memorable.

These short animated videos can help you explain your product, service, or idea in a fun and engaging way. Making them perfect for social media, your website, or even your sales pitch.

Who We Are At Atlanta Video Production Company

These animated videos are produced expertly by the Atlanta Video Production Company. We have a group of highly qualified animation specialists on staff and approach your project as an extension of your company.

explainer video company in AtlantaCoordinating our efforts with your objectives enables us to identify what animation or video will best fulfill your demands.

We are the go-to animated explainer video company for businesses in Atlanta. From brand videos to various video content, we cater to them all. A great tool for building your brand, spreading a message, entertaining an audience, and more is animation.

Our animated video production service is focused on you. Following the needs of your business, we produce explainer (can be animated) videos at a competitive price compared to other video production businesses.

Amazing Explainer Video Services We Offer

Services mentioned below are not limited.

Animated Explainer Videos

Our animated explainer videos combine vibrant visuals, dynamic animation, and engaging storytelling. This is to convey complex concepts in a concise and easily digestible manner. We utilize the latest animation techniques to bring your ideas to life and create a lasting impact on your viewers.

the best explainer video company in AtlantaProduct Demo Videos

Capture your product’s unique features and benefits with our attention-grabbing demo videos. Our videos showcase key functionalities and use cases, demonstrating how your offerings can solve your audience’s pain points and improve their lives.

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Brand Storytelling

Craft a compelling narrative that connects with your audience on an emotional level. Our brand storytelling videos create an authentic and relatable experience. It allows customers to forge a deeper connection with your brand.

Training and Educational Videos

Educate your employees or customers with our informative and visually engaging training videos. From onboarding new hires to explaining complex processes, our videos simplify information and make learning enjoyable.

If you can’t find the service you want, call us now and get custom explainer videos. We make sure our video solutions blend in with your marketing strategy.

Industries We Serve In

We have extensive experience working across various industries, including:

  • Technology and Software

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

  • E-commerce and Retail

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Education and E-Learning

  • Real Estate and Property Management

  • Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • And many more!

Explainer Video Production Use Cases

Explainer videos can be a powerful tool for various purposes. Atlanta Video Production Company is an animated explainer video agency that can create extremely effective video marketing content for you.

animated explainer video company in AtlantaElevating Your Brand

A compelling explainer video will help you build a solid brand presence and set yourself apart. It communicates your company’s core principles, highlights your distinctive selling propositions, and makes an impression on your audience.

Increasing Conversion Rates

According to studies, adding an explanatory video to your website or landing page can boost conversion rates substantially. You may grab your audience’s attention and inspire action. It is by discussing your product or service visually appealingly.

Simplifying Complex Concepts

It can be difficult to convey complex goods or services in a clear and understandable way if your company provides them. An explainer video breaks down complicated ideas into simpler terms so that your viewers may better understand the value and advantages you offer.

Enhancing Social Media Engagement

Videos are highly shareable and generate more engagement on social media platforms. An engaging explainer video can go viral, increasing your brand’s visibility and attracting a wider audience.

Explainer Video Production Ideas for Your Business

Product or Service Overview

Create a video highlighting your product or service’s key features and benefits. Show how it solves a problem or meets a need and why it’s superior to alternatives in the market.

animated video production AtlantaCustomer Testimonials

Feature satisfied customers in your videos, sharing their positive experiences and how your product or service has helped them. Authentic testimonials build trust and credibility among potential customers.

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Step-by-Step Tutorials

Demonstrate how to use your product or service through a step-by-step tutorial video. This helps customers understand the value and functionality, increasing their confidence in purchasing.

Company Story

Tell the story behind your company, including its founding, mission, and values. This humanizes your brand and helps customers connect with your vision and culture.

Animated Training Videos

Animation can also be utilized in training videos. Even though explainer videos are often designed to advertise a product, service, or company concept, it is still okay to use them.

A similar kind of product is training videos, which can be used at home and are not always used for marketing.

Our Explainer Video Production Process

Regardless of your goals, we’re here to help you reach them. We work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that each video we produce meets or exceeds your expectations.

We use strategies to guarantee that you are pleased with our job. However, the foundation of our success may be found in our production process, which we employ to ensure that we progress with your task.

Because of this, most of our videos can be finished in about 3 to 4 weeks, although some may require more time. This production process enables us to collaborate effectively and seamlessly with your company.

Atlanta animated video servicesPre-Production

The success of a video explainer company occurs long before the first clip is shot, or the first mouse clicks in the case of explainer video creation. Pre-production is the first step, where the video is meticulously designed to achieve your objectives almost to the millisecond.

Atlanta Video Production Company handles the entire pre-production process. However, we manage every aspect of the explainer video marketing videos. And in the early phases, we are happy to accomplish so. Our explainer video will draw engagement as you’d like. For explainer video may include:

  • Storyboarding

  • Scripting

  • Stylizing

  • Hiring and Managing Voice Actors

  • and More

We coordinate crews, makeup artists, and interview questions for instructional videos that include any live-action elements.

We take care of each duty required to assist you in ensuring that your project is finished to enable you to meet your production objectives.

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A fantastic final product is ultimately a result of how we manage pre-production.

creating videos for all type of businesses in AtlantaProduction

Explainer videos differ from other types of video in that they frequently lack a “production day” because the clips are produced over time by a group of animators and designers.

The animation is yet the culmination of various elements. We have a day set aside to work on a certain area of the production of voice actors coming in.


With this phrase, our talented video editors collect all the raw footage and combine them to make a unique final product. For our animated explainer videos, we have a slight post-production process. But other parts follow the same procedures.

Why Choose Us?

Numerous organizations produce explainer videos. Atlanta Video Production Company, however, makes an effort to provide more. Our clients particularly like that we see ourselves as more than just a “third party” video production firm.

product marketing explainerInstead, we operate our company as though it is a part of your current company. Almost as though you had your video production crew working for your business, whether you’re on a monthly contract or are searching for just one video.

The fact that we collaborate with you in the same manner as your team may be the primary factor in why our clients view us as their in-house video marketing department.

Many clients approach us with only a goal, outlining their demands. Then, based on their needs, we apply our knowledge to determine how to produce a video that will best assist them in meeting their objectives.

Like other video production companies, we fit into your existing operations. We also provide quick turnaround in every project we shoot.

Call Us To Get Started!

We already worked with hundreds and various industries in Atlanta. Our prices are reasonable. We provide a customer-focused service, and our expertise enables us to produce videos in which we have faith consistently.

Scale up your video marketing game with our expert team. Schedule a free consultation to get your tailor quote. Let our explainer video production Atlanta team handles everything for your next project.