Understanding Corporate Video Production Pricing

Are you curious about the ins and outs of corporate video production pricing? This is an area that proves a mystery to many. But don’t you worry! In this article, you’ll find a thorough yet easy-to-understand explanation. We will equip you with the knowledge you need to confidently navigate the often complex financial landscape of this essential aspect of modern business marketing. No longer will you feel out of your depth when negotiating price points or balancing budgets. Instead, you’ll feel like a seasoned expert in this field. Happy reading!

Understanding Corporate Video Production Pricing

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Understanding the Basics of Corporate Video Production Pricing

The process of creating video content specifically for business usage is known as corporate video production. This can encompass a wide range of content, from training videos to marketing ads. Now, when it comes to the price, the associated costs with corporate video production can be complex and varied. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the basics of pricing structures and the various elements that affect the cost.

Defining corporate video production

Corporate video production is a collective term used to describe all video content created for a business or corporation. These videos can be for internal communication, training, marketing, or advertising purposes. Essentially, it’s the process of turning an organization’s message or story into a visual narrative.

Factors influencing the cost of corporate video production

Several factors influence the cost of corporate video production. This includes the complexity of the project, the experience and reputation of the production company, the quality of equipment and technology used, and the time taken to complete the project. The number of locations, scenes, actors, and special effects can also contribute to the overall cost.

What is included in the cost

The cost of a corporate video typically includes pre-production, production, and post-production expenses. Pre-production costs encompass scriptwriting, storyboarding, and location scouting amidst others. Production costs include filming, equipment rental, and on-site personnel. Meanwhile, post-production encompasses video editing, visual effects, and color correction, among others.

Types of Corporate Videos and Pricing

There are several types of corporate videos, each with distinctive production requirements and associated costs.

Training Videos

Training videos are used to onboard new staff, provide education on company procedures or demonstrate the use of a particular tool or software. These can be simple talking-head videos or can involve complex animations and graphics.

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Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are designed to showcase an organization’s work environment, values, and employees. These often require a blend of interviews, authentic in-the-office footage, and effective storytelling to create a connection with the audience.

Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos focus on highlighting the features and benefits of a specific product. These videos often entail high-quality close-ups, informative graphics, and potentially the use of actors or models.

Event Videos

event videos capture key moments and experiences from corporate or promotional events. The complexity of these videos can vary dramatically based on the event’s size, location, and purpose.

Testimonial & Interview Videos

testimonial and interview videos involve capturing and editing conversations with customers, stakeholders or high-level executives. Production costs often include multi-camera setups, professional lighting, and dedicated audio recording equipment.

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Estimates of Corporate Video Production Pricing

Video production pricing varies widely based on quality, complexity, and length.

Low-End Pricing

Low-end pricing typically starts at a few hundred dollars. This often involves minimal production elements, rudimentary editing, and involves smaller, less experienced production teams.

Mid-Range Pricing

The mid-range pricing for corporate production often falls between a few thousand to ten thousand dollars. This encompasses a balance of professional quality, a reasonable scale of production, and a reputable production team.

High-End Pricing

High-end pricing can easily reach upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. High-end corporate video production often involves high-quality filming equipment, large professional crews, world-class talent, special effects, and more sophisticated post-production processes.

Pre-production Costs

Pre-production is the planning stage of your video project and includes several crucial elements.

Concept development

Concept development requires critical and creative thinking to devise an engaging, compelling story or message that aligns with your corporate identity and objectives.


A well-crafted script is crucial for the success of your video. It lays out the dialogue, actions, and describes the visual elements of the video.


Storyboarding involves creating visual representations of each scene or shot of the video. This helps in planning camera positions, actions, and transitions.

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Casting and Location Scouting

Casting involves finding the perfect faces to deliver your message, while location scouting identifies suitable environments for filming. These logistical elements often require time and resources, therefore contributing to the pre-production costs.

Understanding Corporate Video Production Pricing

Production Costs

The production phase is where your video starts coming to life. Here’s what’s usually includes.


This encompasses capturing all the footage needed for your video with professional cameras and camera operators.

Equipment rental

Achieving high-quality results might require renting specialized equipment like sound gear, lighting kits, or drones.

On-Site Personnel

The on-site personnel may include a director, producer, camera operators, sound technicians, and actors. The size and expertise of this crew influence the cost.

Art and set design

The visual elements of each scene—from props to backdrops—make up the art and set design. High-quality productions often employ a dedicated art director or designer to shape the video’s aesthetic.

Post-production Costs

Post-production, sometimes called “post,” is where the footage is edited into the final product.

Video editing

Editing is the art of stitching together various shots and scenes into a coherent and engaging narrative.

Visual effects

Visual effects, or VFX, add elements that weren’t captured during filming, such as digital effects, animation, or CGI.

Sound design and music

Sound design involves creating or selecting sound effects, music, and audio cues to enhance the video’s emotional impact.

Color correction

Color correction ensures the visuals are consistent and cinematically appealing, adjusting hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness.

Additional Elements in Pricing

On top of the basic production steps, other elements can also be part of the price.

Voiceovers and Narratives

A professional voiceover or narrator can be used to bring scripts to life, particularly in animated or explainer videos.

3d animations

3D animation can make products or concepts visually engaging and easy to understand. Companies often invest in 3D animation to give their videos a high-quality, innovative feel.

Licensing and clearance fees

Using copyrighted materials like music tracks, stock footage or images, can incur licensing fees. Also, filming in certain locations might require paying location fees or obtaining filming permits.

Comparing Quotations From Different Providers

When comparing quotations from different video production providers, don’t simply choose the cheapest option.

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Determining value for money

Determine the value for money by assessing what each provider’s quotation offers in terms of quality, services, experience, and creativity.

Looking beyond the price

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean cost-effective. Quality and creativity often come at a premium, and can lead to a better return on investment in the long run.

Considering the experience and reputation of the provider

An experienced video production company with a strong reputation would usually ensure the smooth execution of the project and a high-quality final product.

Negotiating Video Production Pricing

Negotiating is a fundamental part of transacting any form of business, including corporate video production.

Tips for negotiation

It’s crucial to understand the value of what’s being offered and communicate your budget and requirements clearly. Be ready to compromise, but also identify deal-breakers.

Understanding contractual terms and conditions

Understanding the contract’s terms and conditions is essential. Be clear about the payment terms, project timeline, revisions, and any additional costs that might be incurred.

Cost Saving Tips for Corporate Video Production

Lastly, there are several ways to potentially save on video production costs.

DIY approach

For simple videos, taking a DIY approach can be cost-saving. Nowadays, smartphones can produce high-quality videos, and there’s a range of user-friendly editing software available.

Using In-house resources

Leveraging in-house resources, like staff acting, can help cut down costs. Similarly, using owned buildings or offices as filming locations can save on location fees.

Planning video production strategically

By planning multiple video productions strategically, you can shoot multiple videos at once and maximize the productivity of the crew.

In conclusion, understanding corporate video production pricing requires comprehending its complexity, the various production stages, extra elements, and differentiating between value and costs when looking at price quotes. Knowing how to negotiate well and using cost-saving tips can also help you get the most out of your budget.

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