Top Qualifications For Video Production Internships in Atlanta

Are you a student or recent graduate passionate about video production and looking for video production internships in Atlanta? Atlanta’s film and television industry is not only a burgeoning hub for creative expression.

But it’s quickly becoming a catalyst for career growth in the video production industry. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, its influence on the media world continuously expands.

With many opportunities to gain valuable experience and build connections with industry professionals.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips for landing your dream internship. We also cover the qualifications and skills of an intern and how to optimize your cover letter and resume.

We will provide all the information you need to know to land the perfect internship. So, keep reading.

What are Video Production Internships?

Video Production Internships in AtlantaVideo production internships are designed to provide students or recent graduates with hands-on experience in video production.

Interns can gain a wealth of experience and invaluable networking potential. It is by working side-by-side with experienced professionals in video production.

Unpaid or low-paid, these internships offer the chance to learn from conception to completion how videos are created. An opportunity that cannot be measured!

Do not take video production intern jobs lightly because they can give you hands-on experience and enhance your skills and knowledge.

Why Pursue Video Production Internships?

  • Gain invaluable insight into the industry and get your career off to an amazing start.

  • Internships offer valuable hands-on experience and knowledge you can’t get in school.

  • You will learn the ropes of the industry by working with experienced professionals and gaining real-world experience.

  • You can make valuable contacts that could help you jumpstart your career.

  • You can build a professional network by meeting new people in the industry.

Tips for Landing Video Production Internships

You need to have experience and apply for internships for your professional development. It is applicable whether you are still in school or a fresh graduate.

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content creation video production internship in AtlantaBuild a strong portfolio

A strong portfolio is your ticket to breaking into the video production industry. Get creative and start crafting videos that showcase various skills, such as:

  • Editing

  • Cinematography

  • Storytelling

Making sure every piece stands out in its own right! Projects done with fellow students will strengthen your possibilities. So don’t shy away from collaboration opportunities.


Networking is a key ingredient to success in the film and television industry. Make sure you attend relevant events and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Reach out to alumni from your school who are already working in this field.

Relationships created can open up even more doors for potential internships. Or job opportunities down the road!

record video for video production intern jobsResearch the company

Before applying to internships in video production, take the time to get a feel for what the company is all about.

Dig into their work. Observe how they approach each project. This will prepare you with valuable insight once it’s interview time!

Leave your mark by showing that you have taken the initiative through active research. In this way, you can demonstrate why joining their team would be mutually beneficial.

Be flexible

Becoming a video production intern is an opportunity to develop yourself and work with professionals in the industry. You will gain invaluable knowledge while experiencing the fast-paced environment of working long hours during shoots, editing footage, or even running different errands as needed.

Being flexible in this role and open to learning new media skills is important. It is a rewarding career, so be flexible and stretch your boundaries.

Being flexible means you can also use audio recording equipment. Open to learning new things regarding essential duties related to your role. Remember these things when you are doing your internship job search.

Job and Skills Qualification of a Video Production Intern

A career in video production offers potential interns a world of opportunity, with job responsibilities and skill sets that depend on the type of internship position desired. Companies that provide these internships offer unique learning experiences tailored to their fields.

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However, here are some common job and skill qualifications qualified applicants may need to be video production interns.

video programs for internship in Atlanta Job Qualifications:

  1. Be a student or recent graduate (has already bachelor’s degree) in film, television, media studies, or a related field.

  2. Have a strong interest in video production and want to learn more about the industry.

  3. Be able to work well in a team environment.

  4. Have excellent communication and organizational skills.

  5. Be able to manage time effectively and work under tight deadlines.

Skills Qualifications:

  1. Experience with video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Avid.

  2. Knowledge of camera equipment and lighting techniques.

  3. Understanding of storytelling and the ability to create compelling video content.

  4. Familiarity with audio recording and mixing.

  5. Understanding of color correction and grading techniques.

  6. desktop publishing video productionBasic understanding of motion graphics and animation.

  7. Have strong communication and written skills.

  8. Assists in pre-production tasks, such as location scouting, casting, and scheduling via phone or email and providing timely updates.

These jobs and skills are some of the typical qualifications that a company is looking for. But as an intern in this fast-paced digital world, you must be ready to work in a marketing team or manage social media platforms.

In this way, you can be flexible, know how to record and edit videos, and have experience in marketing initiatives.

How to Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter for a Video Production Internship

Looking for an internship is the same as looking for a permanent job. So, preparing your resume and writing an internship cover letter is a priority.

State the exact role/position you want

By leading off your cover letter with the intended position, you demonstrate that you understand why this job is ideal for your unique qualities and abilities.

Doing so gives you a competitive edge in the application process. It also serves as an efficient reminder to the reader of what brings value to the organization.

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enhance post production internshipInclude coursework or projects that are relevant.

Even without direct job experience, you can still set yourself apart in the hiring process. Showcase your skills and accomplishments in relevant courses. It helps employers better understand why you’re qualified for their opportunity!

For instance, if applying for a design internship, demonstrate how much you’ve learned about the industry by highlighting completed coursework or standout projects.

Highlight your skills

Showcase your abilities! Ensure you emphasize any talents or specialties that would make you a great fit for the video production role.

Your cover letter is a great opportunity to showcase the best of yourself. Even if you don’t have professional industry experience, plenty can still be highlighted!

Mention your experiences from:

  • Previous internships

  • Successful volunteer projects or classes are taken

  • Commendable extracurricular accomplishments

These are all invaluable gems employers will want to know about. Have a robust video library showcasing and highlighting your previous experiences and works.

work independently and with fellow internsTell your internship goals and objectives.

Highlight what you want to achieve and learn while interning with the company you will work with. But don’t forget to include why hiring is beneficial to the company. Also, include how you hope to enhance a company’s process and its launching campaigns.

It allows the recruiter to understand what you can do for them.

An internship provides an invaluable experience to anyone. Employers build internship programs for undergraduates and young professionals to better understand the industry. It also helps develop the necessary skills when applying for the latest job alert that matches their skills and the Atlanta, GA, job title.

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