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Thinking of the best video production jobs Atlanta? Or are you a fresh graduate wondering what video production jobs you will pursue in Atlanta, GA? Video production companies offer both photography and videography responsibilities depending on your expertise.

We will discuss the most common positions you can apply for and what are the responsibilities and requirements for each. This article will also list some tips on getting the position/job you dreamed of.

How To Get Video Production Jobs Atlanta GA?

Some media and video production companies have photo and video production teams. Each team member has duties and responsibilities to fulfill to meet the photo and video projects for the specific due date.

So, how can you be part of a production team?

Start Your Job Search Online

Video Production Jobs AtlantaThe best place to start your job search is online. Search for the job title you want to apply for. There are many job search websites where you can find video production jobs in Atlanta. Here are a few websites to get you started:

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

  • Glassdoor

  • Monster

Keep an eye out for job opportunities! Ensure you frequently check websites and set up email alerts to stay updated on new openings.

Network with Industry Professionals

Networking is another great way to find video production jobs in Atlanta. Connect with professionals by attending industry events and conferences – or broaden your reach on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Networking can be a powerful tool for helping you achieve your career goals. Have an impressive pitch ready, and emphasize what makes you unique. From the experiences that have molded who you are today to the skills needed to succeed in your dream job!

Emphasizing what you can offer to the table is a huge factor in joining a video production team.

Develop Your Skills

Crafting a successful career in video production takes more than just talent; it also requires an extensive knowledge of the craft and a strong and specialized skill set.

Here are some skills that are essential for video production jobs in Atlanta:

  • Video editing

  • Camera operation

  • Lighting

  • Sound design

  • Scriptwriting

  • Motion graphics support

From honing your technology skills to creating cinematic masterpieces, you can sharpen the tools of your trade in many ways.

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video production softwareTake advantage of online courses and in-person workshops for a more structured approach, or dive right into developing projects on digital platforms. It’s an exciting time to be creative!

This is also an opportunity for you to gain basic and advanced techniques in the video production process.

Create a Strong Resume and Demo Reel

Your resume and demo reel are critical tools in your job hunt. They provide a powerful platform to demonstrate why you’re the perfect fit for the position. So show off those skills!

Tailor each application with relevant experience that speaks directly to what an employer seeks. Make sure they know immediately how great of a choice you’d be.

So, better highlight your skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position. Showcase your finest and most impressive work in a captivating demo reel!

convey habitat's communications initiatives in video production rolesEnsure you include various projects that illustrate all your talents and skills. Keep the demo short and sweet – no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Ace the Interview

Prepare for your interview ahead of time once you land one. Research the company and the position you’re applying for. List some questions and ask the interviewer.

During the interview, be sure to express your enthusiasm for video production! Share with them how your background and experience prepared you for this role. Here are a few examples of your video production field experience that showcase what makes you an asset.

Common Video Production Jobs and Positions in Atlanta GA

With so many positions and job titles that you encounter during your job search, there is a tendency that you may be overwhelmed by what those positions are. Below are some of the positions and responsibilities under the video production team.

Video Editor

Video editors edit and assemble raw video footage into a polished final product. They work closely with directors and producers to achieve the desired look and feel for the video.

Video editors also ensure high-quality video content while applying creative solutions.

Some of the key responsibilities of a video editor include:

  • Review and edit video footage

  • Selecting the best takes to use in the final product.

  • Assembling the footage into a coherent narrative or story.

  • Adding transitions, effects, and other post-production elements to enhance the video.

  • Working with sound designers to incorporate sound effects and music

  • Collaborating with directors and producers to achieve the desired vision for the video.

  • Handy to the post-production process.

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video production jobs in Atlanta GACamera Operator

Camera operators are the key to crafting a stunning visual story. Working alongside directors and cinematographers, they bring the director’s vision to life to create the desired shots.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Setting up and operating the camera equipment

  • Adjusting camera settings to achieve the desired look and feel

  • Framing shots and capturing footage according to the director’s vision

  • Collaborating with other crew members to ensure that the shots are executed correctly


Producers are in charge of supervising the full video production process. They collaborate with the director, crew, and actors to ensure everything works well.

Responsibilities of a digital video producer:

  • Developing the creative vision for the video

  • Budgeting and managing the finances of the production

  • Hiring and managing crew members and talent

  • Overseeing the production schedule and ensuring that all deadlines are met

  • Collaborating with the director to ensure that the video footage meets the desired vision

meet imaging and production goalsSound Designer

Sound designers are responsible for creating and editing the sound for a video. They make sure of proper sound effects and appropriate music.

  • Creating and editing sound effects and music to enhance the video

  • Mixing and balancing the audio to ensure that it sounds good on different types of speakers

  • Recording and editing voiceovers and dialogue

  • Collaborating with the director and editor to achieve the desired sound for the video

Production Assistant

Production assistants help with various tasks, such as setting up equipment, managing props, and assisting with talent. Some of the key responsibilities of a production assistant include:

  • Setting up and moving equipment on set

  • Working props and other set pieces

  • Assisting with talent, including helping with wardrobe changes and providing water and snacks

  • Helping to keep the set clean and organized

  • Offer creative solutions

edit video footageScriptwriter

They are the ones responsible for crafting compelling storylines. Scriptwriters have creative conception and imaginative skills to make the video more appealing and serve its purpose.

They also ensure that the script fits the desired tone and style.

  • Crafting the script according to the creative vision for the video

  • Collaborating with the director and producer to ensure that the script fits the desired tone and style

  • Refining the script based on feedback from the director and producer

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Directors are responsible for overseeing the creative direction and vision for the video. They collaborate alongside the crew and talent to achieve the desired look and feel of the video.

Work closely with the crew and talent to achieve the desired look and feel. Some of the key responsibilities of a director include:

  • Developing the creative vision for the video

  • Communicating the vision to the crew and talent

  • Collaborating with the cinematographer to achieve the desired look and feel

  • Provide creative feedback

  • Makes the video production consistent

  • Directing the talent to achieve the desired performances

  • Reviewing footage and providing feedback to the editor


Atlanta GA video production jobsAnimators are responsible for creating and crafting animated elements that will be incorporated into the video. They are also the ones to enhance motion graphics to ensure that the animation fits seamlessly.

  • Creating and editing animated elements using Adobe After Effects or Maya software.

  • Collaborating with the director and editor.

  • Reviewing and revising the animation based on feedback from the director and editor

  • Ensure imaging and production goals are met.

  • High technical expertise.

Video production field experience offers many hands-on, real-life creative tasks. You need to know and learn to operate a professional quality video camera and the latest video production software related to your position.

A creative professional can craft compelling storylines and turn them into superb visual media. The listed job description and responsibilities are only some common roles you can apply for.

Media services and careers are one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. They can work with a collaborative team and creative professionals in the industry. With a skill for photo editing and multimedia initiatives, one can thrive in this career path.

Just remember that you must have personal responsibility and high production values when you are already hired.

Comment your thoughts, or share these eight common video production jobs Atlanta with your multimedia friends.